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We are constantly scouring articles and news stories that focus on the harmful effects of the toxic chemicals that are making their way inside the bodies of Firefighters and other First Responders. Many of these stories relate the battles individuals are fighting, or have fought, against cancers and other tragic diseases. Diseases they are linking to exposures on the job. The necessity of finding and sharing these studies, stories, and research is that the more we collectively talk about it, the more we spread the word.

An event in our life recently gave us pause to think about our message “Wearing Your Mask is Not Enough” and what that powerful statement implies. It is one thing to read a tag line on a website or an article. It is another thing to understand what is behind those words.

The goal is Longevity. There are multiple tools we need to accomplish that: reducing our exposures, sleep, diet and exercise, adrenal support, etc…we require a full spectrum approach. But there is still a gap.

Let’s look at Exposure Minimization:

  • Wearing your mask and not removing it prematurely
  • Going through decon post event or exposure
  • Keeping PPE clean and free of soot and other products of combustion
  • Showering
  • Minimizing exposure to diesel exhaust when possible

This is definitely one of the most important tools. Deal with the problem, not the symptom. Science is continuing to prove the link between exposure and disease.

But here is where the gap exists. If you believe this doesn’t apply to you, then I challenge you to read on.

Look at these two studies in particular:

A report published by the U.S Dept of Health & Human Services, CDC, and NIOSH. This was a controlled study performed at a fire service training facility. It looked at whether airborne chemicals during live fire training, contaminate and pass through the skin of Firefighters.



A study commissioned by the IAFF looking at full PPE ensemble particle exposure performed at the Research Triangle Institute. It placed a test subject in full PPE ensemble in a chamber simulating conditions in a fire. It tested whether the airborne particles leaked through the PPE and onto the Firefighter’s skin.



What is this telling us? Toxic chemicals get through our gear and onto our skin where they are absorbed into our body.

The gap between Exposure Minimization and Longevity? Recognizing that these toxic exposures are getting inside our bodies. IN OUR CELLS. We must start looking at what we can do inside our body through nutrition. That is where Prehab Nutrition is focusing. Our product, DAILY DECON, has the ingredients to help minimize the damage from absorption of the toxic chemicals inside your body, as well as aid your body in detoxing and excreting them.

We are simply another tool in the toolbox. We are bridging that gap to arrive at the solution…..Health, Wellness, and Longevity. During and long after your career is over.

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