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Welcome! You are here for the launch of not only our company website “Prehab Nutrition” but also the launch of our flagship product “Daily Decon.”  Our mission is simple:  to promote longevity and quality of life to Firefighters and other First Responders not only throughout their career…but long after their final alarm.

We are here because of one sobering fact:  Studies and research are revealing Firefighters and First Responders are at a higher risk of developing cancers and other life-altering diseases due to toxic exposures. Chronic exposures, accumulating in your body over a long career, put your health at risk. Efforts are being made to protect you on the outside, but that is only half of the solution. What is being done on the inside?

The idea is simple:  Protect yourself by protecting your body on the inside. We focus on the realities of the job…toxic exposures are a matter of when, not if. We are not going to stop responding to fires, and fires are not going to stop producing toxic smoke. Our products focus on helping your body mitigate the effects of the toxic substances that do make it into your body, and to promote your body’s ability to remove them through it’s natural process of detoxification and elimination.

Our philosophy is straightforward:  Understand what you are up against. Get informed. Take action.

Start protecting yourself and those you love. Make Prehab your resource.


Next up:  “Time to Start Talking About This”

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