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A strong belief in quality of life.

Prehab Nutrition’s focus is simple: we provide high quality nutritional supplements to Firefighters and other First Responders with the goal of disease prevention, resulting in longevity and quality of life. Prehab is a boots-on-the-ground company that understands the unique health needs of Firefighters directly related to a job where exposure to toxic substances is a daily occurrence. Whether a structure fire, vehicle fire, or daily exposure to diesel exhaust, the onslaught of toxic chemicals puts an “unseen” stress on the body that might not manifest until years later. Now is the time to start protecting yourself.

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Darrin has worked in the fire service for 15 years. He founded Prehab Nutrition in an effort to address a need that was continuing unchecked. The Fire Service is taking great strides to minimize toxic exposure on the outside, but nothing is being done inside the body. Prehab fills that gap. Studies and tests show that disease-causing chemicals get inside even with proper PPE and decontamination procedures. This is why wearing your mask is not enough. DAILY DECON is Prehab’s answer to protection inside the body.

Prehab’s mission is to promote longevity and quality of life so Firefighters and other First Responders can continue to enjoy their lives and families long after their last alarm.

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